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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soles and Somes and Learning without Frontiers

I started this morning on Skype with Suneeta Kulkarni of Soles and Somes -   This group sets up Self Organized Learning Centers (Soles) in locations in India and now in Columbia for children.  Soles and Somes originated with Sugata Mitra's Hole in the Wall experiments where he placed  a computer with internet access in an exterior wall where children would have access to it.  The children were able to teach themselves to use the computer and the internet and to learn what they felt they needed to learn.  The new organization is placing computers with internet access in schools in various locations in India and Columbia.  They also use volunteer mediators to work with the children via Skype.  It is a wonderful way to bring groups together across national boundaries to facilitate learning. Wow!

Suneeta also mentioned the Learning without Frontiers organization.  I wandered over there to check out their blog -  Today's post is on the iPad, education, and mobile learning.  It fit nicely with the prediction Ellen Wagner has for this year (, only LWF is more positive about mobile solutions being here already.

I am still waiting for iPad 2 bcz I want the front camera so I can Skype.  When oh when will it arrive?????


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  1. is a good site for when to expect Apple's latest goodies. It's looking like March.