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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I admit to spending a large part of my free time knitting and riding, but Qwiki is a cool new internet tool I hadn't seen before - possibly the future Wikipedia.  I'm not sure of the "watch the experience" tag line, since I think you are supposed to experience an experience, but that might be semantics.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

. . .Straight on 'til morning

After 26 years with the Colorado Community College System, I find myself suddenly unemployed due to "restructuring." I have many questions, and no one who can/will answer them, about why this happened the way it did, and I imagine I will long harbor the sadness, anger, and frustration that I feel right now.

Sadness that I'm leaving a family of co-workers who are professionals down to the core.

Anger at the abrupt way we were relieved of our duties, leaving open the question of why we were let go to those who don't know us or CCCOnline.

Frustration that at a time when we were on the cusp of taking CCCOnline to the "next level," those dreams were dashed by individuals and an institution with no concept of our vision for the future of CCCOnline and apparently no desire to learn about or understand that vision and the plan that would move us forward.

However, true to the quote from Peter Pan that is engraved on the delightful stars presented to Lisa, Rhonda, and me from our friends and colleagues at CCCOnline, I choose to head "straight on 'til morning!

This blog is dedicated to that future AND to staying in touch with those who are left to carry on and continue to serve CCCOnline's students, since after all, that is the ultimate goal.

Because we will sorely miss all that "water cooler" talk about the latest cool tool or technique, news about CCCOnline projects or distance ed in general, and, of course, near and dear to our hearts right now, potential jobs, we welcome your comments and posts.