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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scaffolding Papers

Research Paper on Microsoft
Still thinking of the best way to scaffold a research paper or even critical analysis.  I like the pro/con grid from Angelo and Cross to begin with.  Followed by the Paper Prospectus from their book (CATs).  Then fold in the 5 paragraph essay material from high school (Paul Mole has the best I've seen).  Or maybe ask for a complete outline with the supporting quotes.  By the time I get to the final draft it should be pretty good.  As soon as I get this all drafted, with directions for students, I will post it here.

I do still worry though that research papers aren't particularly useful for students moving into the work world -- I like the analytic memo better.

Also read another paper on future work skills.  Online collaboration is on the list again, so do we all need to figure out how to include that in our classes? (


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