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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mobile Learning

The old phone box
Interesting post from Clark Quinn today on Mobile Learning -

Have to admit I liked the comment on slow learning that comes at the very end of the post:
Question 10:  What do you see as the future for mobile learning? 
I naturally mentioned my interest in slow learning, beginning to move away from the event model and start thinking about a more mentor-like relationship in developing individuals over time, in ways that more naturally mimic the way our brains learn.  Also, of course, I think alternate reality games will combine the best of simulation game learning and mobile learning, making learning closer to the real task, more engaging, more distributed, and consequently more effective.
Online learning in general is a natural fit for a mentoring/tutoring relationship between faculty and learner.  I hadn't heard that called slow learning before and I am not sure I like the terminology, but the concept - yes.

CMC will need a mobile initiative eventually, but right now I think I am defining that initiative as the ability to access the LMS communication tools from a mobile device.  As soon as we figure out how to grow beyond the LMS we will need a true mobile learning initiative.


Photo credit:  Jon Burnell,

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