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Monday, July 11, 2011

Rules for Photography

From a presentation at D2L's Unconference:

1.  Choose a subject
2.  Get closer
3.  Share

Short, to the point, and very helpful. 

From Steve Feldstein maybe?

Listened to an IT person talk about problem solving -- one comment, "Put critical information in high traffic areas".  That is so obvious and so frequently forgotten.  I think it's why I like the schedule page on the main left hand navigation bar and also why I like to post due date reminders in the announcements.  If you don't then it must not be critical information. 

Barry Dahl's "If I had a beer" presentation used software similar to Prezi.  Interesting, but I'm still not sold - it's pretty rate to see Prezi used in a way that is truly better than ppt. (Other than folks with great graphic designers behind them.)

Kyle set up a PiratePad for discussion -- Still really cool software.


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