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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheating Again

The original blog post on cheating has helped generate quite a lot of discussion in the blogosphere on how to design assignments to make plagiarism difficult.  Here's a link to a post with several good ideas:

My favorite:  Presentations. Or maybe Projects. (Discussions are a no-brainer. Of course I think you need to include discussions in your online course.  Where else are you going to discuss the content with your students.  In my mind that is still where a lot of the actual teaching occurs.)  

Today I listened to a presentation on student retention given by Kae Novak of Front Range Community College.  They are using software like Animoto ( and Prezi ( to enliven courses, but are also seeing students begin to use there tools.  How about asking students to use Glogster to develop a poster (  Or discuss connections with Popplet ( Any of these would be difficult to plagiarize. 


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