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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I feel old. . .

. . .after reading this post: "". This post apparently appeared on Voxy Blog. The point is that "digital natives" are wired for mobile learning, and the post points out Mark Prensky's assertion that digital natives struggle with our current education system because they grew up playing video games and using other forms of technology.

Did you know that (according to this post), 93% of Americans age 12-29 are online? That 93% of adults age 18-29 and 75 of teenagers age 12-28 use cellphones? And that the the overhead project was first used in a classroom in 1930? I remember creating stacks of overhead slides to use in class. I carefully separate them with separator sheets, kept them in notebooks, wrote on them with markers that I could erase with a soggy paper towel. Sigh.

I remember taking an educational technology course in my undergraduate teaching program. One of the "high tech" techniques we learned about was to create multi-color "ditto masters" to run handouts for classes. Oh my. I also remember how those "copies" from the ditto machine felt and smelled. I miss that smell. Scary, isn't it?

Education and educational technology have come a long way. . .or have they? Are we any better off? Ah, that's for another day, another post.

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  1. As soon as you said Ditto master the smell came back to me....