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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bullet Points on Designing Assessments

Exams Display
If I were going to give faculty 5 basic tips on designing an assessment plan for a course they would be 
  • Read the Assessment info on the CCCOnline Faculty Wiki (
  • Consider:  What do you want to assess and why? Assessments should be aligned with the course learning outcomes.
  • Not all assessments have to be graded - self-assessments are useful for learners also.
  • Build flexibility into your assessment plan.  No learner should fail a course because of a single missed assessment.
  • Assessments should not be added on the fly -- you need a plan for the entire course before the semester begins. Adult learners need consistency in due dates and the ability to organize and plan.
(Photo credit:  William & Mary Law Library Marshall-Wythe School of Law)

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