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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ITC Last Day

Egmont Key
I went to two great session on Tuesday.  The first was a discussion about designing classes and programs around adult learning styles by Mary Petrie and Anne Johnson of IverHills Community College.  The presenters had so many great tips!  Including a schedule page was #1 on their list also -- adults like to have all the information/due dates available on day 1 of the class.  That of course is my experience also.  Mary talked a lot about communicating in a positive, respectful manner and about being available on their schedule -- she holds office hours Tuesday evening from 9:00-10:00 (via Skype, email, and phone) and on Saturday.  I try to be available Sunday evening and that is when I receive calls, on the rare times I do receive calls.  

Adults are busy and very very scheduled, so they need rapid response times from us.  That seems reasonable to me when we are talking about FT faculty, a bit of a problem for adjunct.  We did all agree that posting times when you are online and available and what an expected response time would be was critical.  Also a standardized schedule is helpful -- assignments always due the same day of the week and the same time is beneficial.  Personally I know I couldn't keep track of a changing due day or time, so that makes sense to me. 

Mary also worried about the reading skills of students, so includes a video "tour" of each assignment and of her syllabus.  

Many more tips, but I am off to the beach. Photo credit to Classic Glass from Flickr -, Egmont Key


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