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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Give Credit from Sources Outside the University?

Perhaps the actual question is "Do you believe learning takes place outside of the University?"  If your answer to that question is yes then we have to think about why an individual would need to be  credentialed for learning that took place outside of the university.  We also need to consider whether or not that learning was something that could or would have been learned during a traditional university education.  If it was and if the case can be made that learners do have knowledge and understanding of concepts that are a part of their degree program, but that that understanding came to them from outside of the university experience we will need to respond to that case.  As the university we are credentialing learners.  We are stating that we are confident they met the outcomes listed for our courses and programs.  But what if they met those outcomes prior to their university experience?  Is it appropriate to insist that learners take basic courses covering learning outcomes they have already met? 

Adult learners are asking these questions.  As a group they don't particularly want to spend time, effort, and money on content they already have.  How are you responding to them?

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