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Monday, October 10, 2011

David Wiley on what's missing from OER

From Iterating Toward Openness, The Primary Challenge of the OER Movement:

1. The Complete and Utter Lack of Assessment in the OER Space. Humans are famously terrible at judging whether they’re “getting it” or not during learning. One of the primary reasons the CMU OLI courses are (and have been shown to be) so incredibly effective in supporting learning is because they include frequent formative assessments that help learners check their own understanding. These assessments provide immediate feedback, allowing informal learners to determine with greater confidence whether or not they’re “getting it.”
The vast majority of OER in the world do not include any assessments.
I think there is more agreement of what is good content than there is on what is good assessment, so perhaps assessment is more difficult.  If content is used for multiple reasons does that change what should be assessed or how it should be assessed?


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