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Friday, April 15, 2011

eLCC 2011

Wow! eLCC 2011 was fabulous!

I went to a great presentation by Liz Kleinfeld on organizing your digital life.  Like Liz I had decided that Facebook is for friends and Twitter is professional.  Also like Liz I find it hard to really keep those two parts of my digital life separate.  I do try to keep the post-types separate though....  most of my Facebook is family and they don't really care about course development issues.  Then of course I keep a completely separate blog on the horse piece since almost no one other than me wants to read my training diary. :^) (Over at for those of you who do want to read about my difficulties with half-pass.)  Then there is Linked-in, which I haven't really figured out yet.  So far it's really just a directory for me, but I have used it to locate people I wanted to talk to, but had lost track of.  Liz had some very good points about how to fill in the profile information for all of those locations and why -- it is better to give people a better first glimpse of yourself than just whatever comes up first when they google you.  (I just googled myself - first Twitter, then Educause, then Blogger.)

On the vendor side I went to a presentation by Soft Chalk.  Didn't learn a lot of new things there, but I do really like the product for quick and easy content development with straight-forward navigation built right in.  I also went to a presentation by Terry Rowenhorst on NROC's new math course.  The material is very good -- a focus on the multimedia presentation of course, but the back end pedagogy is very well thought out.  The problems a student receives are based on whether or not they gave the correct answer on previous problems and the feedback sends them directly to the applicable portion of the "textbook".  There are also numerous applications built in as well as puzzles and other activities.

More coming tomorrow, need more process time!  Great keynotes by Ellen Wagner of WCET and Sage Road Solutions and Barry Dahl of Excellence in e-Education


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